Thursday, 22 October 2015

Miscarriage - What Do We Say? - 8th October 2015

In this edition we speak to Mr Dan Shaffer - a local expert and indeed a bereaved parent himself about how to support friends and spouses when they face the loss of a child  - either before full term or shortly after a live birth.
Dan also trains midwives to help them cope with this difficult element of their work - he's an eloquent speaker.
We also hear from the founder of Aching Arms in the UK - Leanne and find out about sending comfort bears.
And finally we talk to The Miscarriage Association UK and find out how they can support families through the loss of a baby
Please be aware that this show contains some very frank discussion if you have personal experience of this situation. But we sincerely hope it will be of help to you.

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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Self-harm - 24th September 2015

Joined by Psychiatrist Anne Stewart from Oxford University, Sonia Clarke from Mind in Mid Herts and Sally Graham, educator from the University of Hertfordshire - we discuss why teens self harm and what parents can do if this is happening.

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Monday, 19 October 2015

Happiness - 17th September 2015

What does happiness mean? Is this all we want our children to feel? Is this the only thing that will make them flourish or is there a place for sadness and loss. Are we as parents afraid our children won’t cope with sadness etc? 
In this edition of the Parents’ Show we speak to Julie Johnson, child & adolescent systemic psychotherapist & parent coach. She is a leading provider of parenting, children & young people’s workshops and seminars in London. To give us the full picture we also speak to Jane King, pastoral leader at Fleetville Infants School about how these issues are dealt with at school

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Monday, 12 October 2015

The Carers Support Team on Starfish Ward in Watford General - 2nd July 2015

If you have ever had a child in hospital for more than a day you will know that it is a very anxious time. You are thrown into a world that is very different to your everyday life. Your priority is your child’s well-being and health. Then comes the reality you need to eat, drink and sleep occasionally in order to support your child properly. But often you don’t know where to start. We’ve all experienced how fantastic the NHS staff is, particularly in paediatric wards but we often don’t want to bother them with our needs when they have a more important job to do. The Carer Support Team at Starfish Children’s ward, Watford General Hospital are a team of volunteers that give practical support to carers on the ward. We are delighted to have this special edition of the Parents’ Show specifically about Starfish Ward and the unique and wonderful group of mums who volunteer to help carers get through this difficult time. On this show we speak to Suzanne Boon, Team volunteer and manager, Lynne Price, Team volunteer (on ward), Orla Burke, Senior Ward nurse, Trish Barff, Senior Ward nurse and Jo Maher, Team volunteer (fundraising) and Vista CIC (training).

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