Thursday, 30 October 2014

Parent Child Conversations About Bodies - To Help Children Keep Safe As They Grow Up - 2nd October 2014

Tonight we're tackling that difficult subject of children's sexuality - How do we support our children to talk about their bodies? Are you unsure what is PC language around this topic?

Marilyn Hawes, founder of Enough Abuse and Catherine Knibbs, CEO of Peer Support UK talk to us about the experience and impact of sexual abuse and child grooming and how as parents we can aim to prevent it.
We also discuss how parents need to teach their children to use the anatomical names for their body parts from day one.

The Benefits Of Philosophy - 25th September 2014

Are children philosophical thinkers? What value is there in having such conversations with our children and how to we have them?
Tonight we hear from Peter Worley CEO of the Philosophy Foundation UK and discuss what parents can doing to extend their child's thinking and why it matters.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Success At Primary School - 18th September 2014

We all want our kids to do well at school, so how can we help them achieve this?

A child’s time in education is like hopping stepping stones over a stream: from nursery they hop to reception class, then to primary school, secondary school and possibly college and university. No two stones are the same, yet Professor Dominic Wyse from the Institute of Education in London believes every parent can help their child make the most of each stage in their education.
Also joining the discussion is the amazing Lucia Federuci, owner of Mount Carmel Kindergarten in St Albans, and mum of ten!

Monday, 13 October 2014

Children's Friendships - 11th September 2014

Tonight we discuss how children make and unmake friendships at school.
We are joined by Ulla Patni from the Herts CC educational psychology team and Professor Ros George from Goldsmiths University.

Helping Children To Communicate Verbally With Confidence - 4th September 2014

On this show we talk about how we can help our children become confident communicators with the excellent Jude Millins from Speaking Works