Friday, 23 May 2014

Fostering - 8th May 2014

We are talking about fostering on this show, joined by Margaret Attwood, senior practitioner with the Fostering and Adoption Team (Herts CC), foster carer, Carolyn Devereux and Tom, who helped us understand the experience of arriving into care at a tender age.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Repetitive Patterns In Children’s Self Chosen Play - 1st May 2014

This show will hopefully inspire you as well as challenge you to really watch your young child at play – You will see patterns in the way they play if you watch for long enough.
During this show on SCHEMAS, we talk about how you can interpret your child's self-chosen play and hear from local expert, Mary Duke, an experienced early years teacher and mummy herself.
As it turns out, our children may not be flitting about with the attention spans of gnats, they are more likely to be busy bees searching for a particular type of play.
Does your child like to move things from one place to another around your house ?
Does she put paper and envelopes in bags ?
Does he drive his tractor about with loads of stuff in the little red trailer at the back?
Does she insist that she moves her friend around in a toy buggy ?
Presenter Shirley Hayman along with Mary Louise Duke, who has spent over 20 years observing children's play, will be sharing their knowledge and funny stories
This could seriously change the way you parent

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

PTA Social - A Tool To Help Create A School Community - 24th April 2014

Tonight on the Parents' Show we talk to local mum of three and entrepreneur Tes Macpherson. Tes started PTA Social, an excellent social media application, and will be telling us all about it.