Thursday, 23 January 2014

Children's TV - 21st November 2013

On the show this week we discuss the content of children’s TV and what goes into making programmes for our children. What are good programmes for them to watch? Which support their learning and development?
We speak to the controller of CBeebies, Kay Benbow, who has been instrumental in bringing shows such as Zingzillas, Octonauts, Timmy Time, Driver Dan and The Tweenies to our screens. We also talk to local celebrity Bob Golding from the Tweenies and the St Albans Panto

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Infertility - 14th November 2013

Many people have been, or are, coping with ‘involuntary childlessness’ – when being a mum or dad is a delayed experience or even denied us. Tonight we explore how we come to terms with the struggle to become a parent.
The guests will be Karen Veness from Infertility Network UK, who have a support group in St Albans, Russell Davis – from The Fertile Mind who is a successful fertility hypnotherapist, author, speaker and coach and Jennie Hunt, the Senior Infertility specialist counsellor from The Hammersmith Hospital. We are also joined by local parent Rebecca who has first-hand experience of this issue

Emotional Resilience - 7th November 2013

This week we are talking about emotional resilience in children. What is it and how do we help our children build up self-esteem to protect themselves from life's challenges?
To discuss this topic we are speaking to Emma Judge co-founder of How To Thrive, Fiona Brooks, professor of Adolescent and Child health, Jo Maher from Vista St. Albans and a teacher and two pupils from Monk's Walk school in Welwyn who are involved in the Penn Resilience program.