Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Hyperactivity In Children - 6th June 2013

Join us this week on the parents show when we discuss hyperactivity in children. Topics discussed will include: reasons for hyperactivity in young children/ADHD – signs and symptoms, nutrition and sleep related advice.
Guests include: Lauren Gayfer, nutritionist and founder of the Fairy Food Mother company based in Redbourn, Anne Ross, a behavioural psychologist specialising in autism and ADHD, and local sleep expert Pam Clarke.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Childbirth - 23rd May 2013

Childbirth is can be one of the scariest or equally sublime experiences in a person’s life. Is there any point in having a ‘birth plan’? Do we have any control over the birth? Why is guilt so often attached to the kind of birth you have? How can you and your partner best prepare yourselves for what’s coming next? How do you choose a birth partner? What role do they have in the birth? and why are they important? What is hypno-birthing all about? To get to the bottom of all these questions, we will be talking to Elva Ainsworth, Doula, change consultant and coach plus Kicki Hansard, one of the UK's leading Doulas.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Why Music Matters To Kids - 16th May 2013

This week on the Parents’ Show we will be talking about the role music should play in your child’s life. Most know it is important but how do we got about integrating it into our lives especially if, as a parent, you haven’t had any experience in playing a musical instrument or singing.
We will be talking to Simon Smith, violinist (soloist and chamber musician) and violin lecturer at Birmingham Conservatoire about how to go about it and about the ‘Talent Myth’. We will be joined for a song by Phelia, two soprano mums based in St Albans and finally we will be speaking to Gill Johnston, Director of Harpenden Musicale.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Speech And Language Problems In Children - 9th May 2013

This week's theme deals with a range of speech and language problems that often crop up in children and young people's lives.
We are joined by top local expert, Sarah Moore, who answers all your questions. Sarah is an experienced speech and language therapist. Whilst she originally specialised in cleft palette, she is now very experienced in helping children on the autistic spectrum as well as those with all types of delays and disorders. She Has 4 children herself aged between 7 and 17 and lives just outside Harpenden. She has been in practice for last 20 years. Later in the show, we are joined by a representative from the communication organisation, Signalong, who tells us about the wonderful work that they do.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Role of School Governors - 2nd May 2013

This week we look at the topic of school governance...What exactly do school governors do and why do they do it? What should they be doing? Why should we care? We talk to James Brown, Secretary of Herts School Governors Association and Lesley, a parent governor. Tune in if you want to know more about how to become a school governor or if you want to know if your school governors are doing a good job.