Friday, 31 May 2013

Parenting Styles And How They Affect Child Development - 25th April 2013

This week on the Parents' show we will be talking about parenting styles though the generations...what are the various known parenting styles? which factors influence them? how have styles evolved over the years? Why have they evolved in this way? 
We speak to some women with oodles of experience, Shirley Hayman former owner and manager at Riverbanks Nursery School in Harpenden and Mavis Collis, whose career in childcare spans 40 years.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Helping Your Child With Homework - Some Top Tips - 4th April 2013

We’re talking about homework at the primary school level on the Parents’ Show this week. Do our children really need to get homework and do they need so much? What is the thinking behind homework? How big a role do we as parents have in making sure it is done? 
To lead the discussion we will be speaking to David Weston, a former secondary school teacher and now Chief Executive of the Teacher Development Trust. We will also speak to Roy Broadfield, Primary National Consultant , IMPACT.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Child To Nursery Worker Ratios - 28th March 2013

On this week’s Parents’ Show, we are talking about the Government’s proposed changes to increase the child to nursery worker ratios and whether these changes might impact on the quality of childcare our children receive. Critics of these proposals argue that it may lead to poor quality childcare and even to more accidents in early year settings. Those in favour maintain that by relaxing the staff-to-child ratios for certain age groups, nurseries could reduce costs and possibly make childcare more affordable. 
Our guests this week will be Peter Lilley, MP for Harpenden, Neil Leitch, Pre-School Learning Alliance, Ben Black from My Family Care and Shirley Hayman, early years’ expert.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Guilt - 21st March 2013

Guilt – all working and non-working parents have it at some point - some more than others. Why do we feel like this? Is there anything to feel guilty about? How can we just focus on making the most of the quality time we do have with our children? We will be talking to Jessica Chivers, the thinking woman’s coach and author of ‘Mothers Work’ about how to ease our guilt and rationalise our feelings. Jessica will have top tips for us on how to ‘get a grip on guilt’

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Division Of Labour In The Home - 7th March 2013

This week on the Parents' Show we are talking about division of labour in the home between partners, mums and dads - how do you decide who does which jobs? Which jobs does no-one want to do and why? Do you expect your hubby/wife to do particular jobs around the house and if so, why? What is the best system to put in place? How do we avoid or resolve conflict over jobs around the house?

Expert guests include Professor Lynn Cook, Professor of social policy, from the University of Bath and psychologist Catriona Wrottesley, couples therapist, from the Tavistock Centre in London.

Monday, 13 May 2013

The iPad - 28th February 2013

Tonight's show discusses topics relating to children owning and using an iPad - we discuss popular apps for kids, common pitfalls to be watchful for when kids use technology and ways of overcoming those. We talk about recommended screen time for kids and the main strategies we parents might adopt to help our children get the most out of iPad use.

Guests include: Carole Bennett, Head of Business Services for Schools, Chris Carter, eDevelopments Adviser - Herts county council and Lee Bolger from the St Albans branch of Solutions INC.