Saturday, 26 May 2012

Life Coaching- 17th May 2012

On this week's parents' show,  Lydia and Kathy talk to Naomi Richards, a local Life Coach and author of the book 'The Parent's Toolkit". Also in the studio is Chris Dennis from Baby Years to talk about his new show.

PET (Parent Effectiveness Training) Programme- 10th May 2012

The topic of this week's show is the programme PET (Parents Effectiveness Training). Joining Kathy and Lydia this week is PET qualified trainers Val Winfield and Anita Taylor and also Sanjay, a local dad who recently used the programme.

Complications in Pregnancy- 3rd May 2012

On this week's parents' show, we discuss complications in pregnancy, in particular "Hyperemesis" and "Obstetric Cholestasis". Lorenza and Georgie talk to Dr Lucy Mackillop, an expert in obstetric medicine, and Jenny Chambers from OC Support.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Outdoor Activities- 26th April 2012

On this week's parents' show, we look at the topic of encouraging children to spend more time outside. Joining Trevor and Georgie to discuss this is Chris Hickman from the Woodland Trust, Sarah Blackwell from Forest Schools and Peter Bloomfield from Transition St Albans.

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