Thursday, 29 March 2012

Parental attachment in the Early Years - 29th March 2012

On this week's parents' show, we look at the topic of parental attachment for babies and young children. Joining us for this discussion is Dr Suzanne Zeedyk (developmental psychologist) and Sally Graham, an 'early years learning' expert. Get the facts.

Sex Offending and Children - What Parents Need To Know

On this week's parents' show, we look at the topic of sex offending against children. Joining us for this discussion is Professor Don Grubin (Professor of Forensic Psychology at Newcastle University) and Chris Miller, retired former assistant Chief of Police, Hertfordshire. Get the facts.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Gina Ford- 15th March 2012

Tonight's show featured the highly acclaimed parenting guru Gina Ford. Gina talks to Kathy and Lydia about sleep issues in babies and young toddlers, answers listerners' questions and talks about her new publication "The Contented Mother's Guide'.

The show is concluded with Claire Healey's 'Raring 2 Go' guide of the hotspots in Hertfordshire.

Innovative Support for Children- 8th March 2012

This week on the Parents show, Kathy and Lydia talk about local provision for children who are gifted and individualistic as well as those with special needs including Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Aspergers Syndrome, ADHD or Speech and Language Delay. Specifically, they talk to Felicity Evans, founder of Naturekids, a small independent organisation providing specialist support for children through a holistic approach to health and education.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Home Start - Support For Families in Hertfordshire- 1st March 2012

Did you know that 40% of parents with children under 5 have felt close to breaking point from the stress of family, 63% believe that stress can affect the relationship with their children and 93% understand the impact that this could have on the children's future? Well, Lydia and Kathy are here to help! This week is all about home support, for those parents who feel they can not cope. They have help to talk about this subject with the local charity Home Start St.Albans and have Sally Patterson, a volunteer to talk about her experience with the charity. They also interview Sarah, a local mum who has benefitted from the company.

Relevant Links:

Same Sex Parenting - 23rd April 2012

Join Kathy and Lydia this week as they discuss same-sex parenting and its pros and cons.
They are joined to talk about this subject by James Taylor, a senior health officer at Stonewall as well as Sarah Haggerholds, who talks about her experience with being a same-sex parent. The show is concluded with Claire Healey's 'Raring 2 Go'.