Sunday, 12 February 2012

"Computer Games and your kids - what every parent needs to know"- 9th February 2012

Join Kathy and Lydia during this show which highlights National Internet Safety week - joining the team to discuss the impact of gaming on our children are Carol Bennett, a Senior Advisor in ICT for Herts County Council and her colleague Ann Layzell who is an e-safety officer, both of whom do significant partnership work with schools in the County.

Dr Paul Howard Jones, a neuroscientist in the field of educational policy also features in the show. In his interview, he discusses the impact that computer games have on our children's brains and tackles the thorny issue of how parents should respond appropriately to the range of digital technologies which now feature in homes all over the country. His recent book on the subject covers both scientific fact and also his own personal experiences with his five children.

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