Thursday, 15 December 2011

Primary School Applications- 8th December 2011

This week, Lydia is joined by Al Green discussing the impending deadline of Primary School Applications. Join them as they give expert advice on the best approach to prepare yourself for this subject. Al Green is not only a local dad who has recently undergone this process himself, but is also the Business Manager at Garden Fields primary school in St Albans and so gives advice from both sides of the spectrum. On top of this, they also speak to Rosemary Taylor, from the Good School Guide who explains what her organisation does and how they can best help a troubled parent.

Toby Cross is also on the phone for his monthly Restaurant Review as well as Claire Healy for her weekly What's On Guide.

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What Are Your Teens Getting Up To At Parties?- 1st December 2011

Kathy and Lydia are back! This week they are talking about children regarding the issue of Alcohol and the rising level of underage drinking today. In studio to help is local mum, Cathy Ran for a personal account of her experiences of parenting in terms of alcohol and also Lizzie Jeans, the under-18 campaign coordinator for Drink Aware, for professional advice.
Claire Healy finishes off the show with her What's On Guide, which includes where to find Santa this Christmas!

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Grief- 17th November 2011

Join Kathy and Lydia for another session of the Parent Show! This week they will be discussing Grief; the typical patterns they may occur in a grieving child and ways to treat them as well as a number of various resources to help. They are joined by Shelly Gilbert, founder of the national charity Grief Encounters, Daphne Joseph from Young Minds. St Albans Bereavement Network also give an insight into the subject.
Also in studio to give her report on local goings-on is Claire Healy with her What's On Guide.