Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Twins- 10th November 2011

Found out you are having twins or triplets? Worrying about how you can manage? Luckily, Lydia and Trevor have dedicated this hour purely to learn and teach the facts about multiple births. They talk to Sandra Bosman who is an honorary consultant for midwifery at TAMBA (Twins And Multiple Births Association) for her expert advice on the subject.
Another guest this week is Mohammed Khan of Ummah UK to give his insight on the goings-on in St Albans for the Islamic festival of Eid.

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Bi-Lingualism- 3rd November 2011

Lydia is joined this week by Irena Baldwin to uncover the benefits and challenges that arise when a child is brought up in a dual or multi-lingual household and also advice on how best to familiarize and teach your children with different languages in school. Joining them are Dr Eidith Esh, a professor in language education at Cambridge and Orville Batero, a speech and language therapist who specialises in bi-lingualism.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Sex and Sexuality- 27th October 2011

Join Lydia, Trevor and guests this week as they tackle the delicate but unmissable issue of young people and their emerging sexuality and also the challenges that confront the child and parents alike. Joining Lydia and Trevor in the studio are Nesta Edge, from Young Children's Charity and also Paula Hall who is a sexual psychotherapist to give their expertise and insight on this tough subject.