Monday, 17 October 2011

Asthma - 6th October 2011

Three people a day die from asthma. 90% of asthma deaths are preventable. On tonight’s show we talk to Peter Curtis, whose son Alex died from an asthma attack whilst he was in his teens. Peter has set up the Alex Curtis Memorial Trust in his son’s name. The trust does amazing work within schools highlighting issues around the management of asthma and general awareness raising. Peter Curtis is joined by Dr Sharon Hall (Pediatric Consultant at the Lister hospital). Dr Hall responds to listener queries on the treatment of asthma. Following this interview, we talk to the Clinical Professor of Respiratory Medicine, Dr Kevin Elwood about asthma over the life course and what parents should really know. Finally, we are joined by a representative from Asthma UK who talks us though the help and resources out there for worried parents.

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