Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Speech and Communication Disorders - 20th October 2011

1 in 10 children in the UK have communication difficulties that require specialist help. Joining them in this session, Kathy and Trevor talk to Eva March, advisor for the national charity ICAN as they focus on the topic of speech and communication disorders in children. Also joining them is Neil Burgess, a dad local to Hertfordshire who has experienced first- hand having a child who has experienced speech and communication problems over the years, and also by Frankie Patterson, a local independent speech therapist.

Sibling Rivalry - 13th October 2011

Join Kathy and Lydia as they tackle the issue of sibling rivalry. Joined by Karen Doherty, co-author of "Sibling Rivalry: Seven Simple Solutions", Michelle, a clinical psychologist based in North London and also Viv, a pediatric psychiatrist who is based in South London. Also featuring a Green Parent talk from Georgie Tovell and two 'Green Dads'.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Asthma - 6th October 2011

Three people a day die from asthma. 90% of asthma deaths are preventable. On tonight’s show we talk to Peter Curtis, whose son Alex died from an asthma attack whilst he was in his teens. Peter has set up the Alex Curtis Memorial Trust in his son’s name. The trust does amazing work within schools highlighting issues around the management of asthma and general awareness raising. Peter Curtis is joined by Dr Sharon Hall (Pediatric Consultant at the Lister hospital). Dr Hall responds to listener queries on the treatment of asthma. Following this interview, we talk to the Clinical Professor of Respiratory Medicine, Dr Kevin Elwood about asthma over the life course and what parents should really know. Finally, we are joined by a representative from Asthma UK who talks us though the help and resources out there for worried parents.

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Music and Children's Development- 29th September 2011

How important is music and the learning of an instrument to a child's development? Join Lydia and Kathy as they talk to Joan Wright, one of Hertfordshire's music consultants for the county and Dr Alex Lamont , a senior lecturer in Musical Psychology for Keele University, to discuss this subject. Also featuring Georgie Tovell who talks about her 'Green Parent' event at St Albans Abbey.

Secondary School Selection- 22nd September 2011

This show was a special on secondary school transfers presented by Lydia El-Khouri. It featured Terry Douris from Herts County Council for his wise words and guidance on the process - a mine of fascinating information; Martin Post, headmaster for Watford Grammar School for Boys, one of the country's top schools, for his take on the admissions process; and Clive Glover for telling us why he is campaigning to set up a new Free Secondary School.

Bed-Wetting- 15th September 2011

This show covers everything that any parent could possibly need on the subject of child bedwetting. The show featured Eileen Jakes from ERIC (Education and Resource for Improving Childhood Continence.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Eco-Parent- 8th September 2011

This week's show responded to issues regarding the environment for parents. Lydia El' Khouri and Georgie Tovell talk to Amanda Yowerth of 'Friends of the Earth' in St Albans, Jill Barker, the Author of 'Baby Green', and Merlin Matthews from 'Re-cycle' to learn about how best to become an Eco-friendly parent.

Back to School - 1st September 2011

Our Back to School show featured David Weston from Informed Education, Ian Randal from Garden Fields Primary School in St Albans, our child-friendly restaurant reviewer and local dad Toby Cross, Raring 2 Go's Claire Healey and last but not least, Stephensons in St Albans, THE uniform suppliers offering a £50 voucher to shop at their store. Presenters were Lydia El-Khouri and Trevor Merriden.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Vocational Education- 25th August 2011

In the aftermath of A-level results, this show focuses on the various vocational routes and options available to our young people. Great advice from specialists on the topic, listen to the views of representatives from Oaklands College and also Youth Connexions. We also hear a parent’s story of his child’s journey through vocational education.

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A-Level Results- 18th August 2011

So the kids have got their A-levels results, what on earth happens next? Join us as we discuss options for our young people with Sally Wells from the organisation Kids2work. They help our young people make the right choices, whether they are still in school, in college, university or currently looking for work. We are also joined on the show by a parent who talks about options that her child faces and how she can best help them to choose the right path.

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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Family Finances - 11th August 2011

Stop worrying about money as we talk to independent financial advisor Sarah Belsom about all matters related to family finances. Truly unmissable advice.

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