Thursday, 13 January 2011

Tonight's show

Dear listeners, thank for you tuning in this evening! Thank you to our contributors, Wendy Shend from who gave us a great introduction to her website and business. If you do have young children and are planning a holiday with them, Tots to travel can help you organise the whole trip. Check out some of the gorgeous properties, all child friendly! that you can take the family to. Remember, as Wendy pointed out, Tots to Travel cater for families on all budgets.

We know that many local parents have queries and concerns about SWINE FLU - we finally got some answers tonight from Hertfordshire NHS Primary Trust. The big message is 'try not to worry'! If you have missed any of the points that were given out on the show tonight from Herts PCT, do not hesitate to get in touch on

Thanks to Jo Maher, from Extended Schools, for coming on the show and explaining the fantastic work that Extended Schools provide to parents and families locally. We shall be having Jo contributing to the show regularly from now on. Check out the important website with all the information on:

Thanks to the lovely Claire Healey who joined us tonight as well - letting us know about the fantastically cheap, affordable cinema opportunities that are out there for kids at the weekend and during the week. Claire, will be back next week of course with more suggestions of how to keep the kids busy. You can always check out the Raring2Go website on

Next week, we will be examining the area of separation and divorce. It can be a difficult topic for families to deal with but we will be talking to experts in the field on the legal issues that faces parents when in the throes of splitting up, so please email us any questions that you have and we will get the answers you need for you. Contact us on

To cheer us all up, we will also be talking about children's parties! so tune in, there is something for everyone!!

Take care, and have a great week!

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