Thursday, 15 December 2011

Primary School Applications- 8th December 2011

This week, Lydia is joined by Al Green discussing the impending deadline of Primary School Applications. Join them as they give expert advice on the best approach to prepare yourself for this subject. Al Green is not only a local dad who has recently undergone this process himself, but is also the Business Manager at Garden Fields primary school in St Albans and so gives advice from both sides of the spectrum. On top of this, they also speak to Rosemary Taylor, from the Good School Guide who explains what her organisation does and how they can best help a troubled parent.

Toby Cross is also on the phone for his monthly Restaurant Review as well as Claire Healy for her weekly What's On Guide.

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What Are Your Teens Getting Up To At Parties?- 1st December 2011

Kathy and Lydia are back! This week they are talking about children regarding the issue of Alcohol and the rising level of underage drinking today. In studio to help is local mum, Cathy Ran for a personal account of her experiences of parenting in terms of alcohol and also Lizzie Jeans, the under-18 campaign coordinator for Drink Aware, for professional advice.
Claire Healy finishes off the show with her What's On Guide, which includes where to find Santa this Christmas!

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Grief- 17th November 2011

Join Kathy and Lydia for another session of the Parent Show! This week they will be discussing Grief; the typical patterns they may occur in a grieving child and ways to treat them as well as a number of various resources to help. They are joined by Shelly Gilbert, founder of the national charity Grief Encounters, Daphne Joseph from Young Minds. St Albans Bereavement Network also give an insight into the subject.
Also in studio to give her report on local goings-on is Claire Healy with her What's On Guide.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Twins- 10th November 2011

Found out you are having twins or triplets? Worrying about how you can manage? Luckily, Lydia and Trevor have dedicated this hour purely to learn and teach the facts about multiple births. They talk to Sandra Bosman who is an honorary consultant for midwifery at TAMBA (Twins And Multiple Births Association) for her expert advice on the subject.
Another guest this week is Mohammed Khan of Ummah UK to give his insight on the goings-on in St Albans for the Islamic festival of Eid.

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Bi-Lingualism- 3rd November 2011

Lydia is joined this week by Irena Baldwin to uncover the benefits and challenges that arise when a child is brought up in a dual or multi-lingual household and also advice on how best to familiarize and teach your children with different languages in school. Joining them are Dr Eidith Esh, a professor in language education at Cambridge and Orville Batero, a speech and language therapist who specialises in bi-lingualism.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Sex and Sexuality- 27th October 2011

Join Lydia, Trevor and guests this week as they tackle the delicate but unmissable issue of young people and their emerging sexuality and also the challenges that confront the child and parents alike. Joining Lydia and Trevor in the studio are Nesta Edge, from Young Children's Charity and also Paula Hall who is a sexual psychotherapist to give their expertise and insight on this tough subject.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Speech and Communication Disorders - 20th October 2011

1 in 10 children in the UK have communication difficulties that require specialist help. Joining them in this session, Kathy and Trevor talk to Eva March, advisor for the national charity ICAN as they focus on the topic of speech and communication disorders in children. Also joining them is Neil Burgess, a dad local to Hertfordshire who has experienced first- hand having a child who has experienced speech and communication problems over the years, and also by Frankie Patterson, a local independent speech therapist.

Sibling Rivalry - 13th October 2011

Join Kathy and Lydia as they tackle the issue of sibling rivalry. Joined by Karen Doherty, co-author of "Sibling Rivalry: Seven Simple Solutions", Michelle, a clinical psychologist based in North London and also Viv, a pediatric psychiatrist who is based in South London. Also featuring a Green Parent talk from Georgie Tovell and two 'Green Dads'.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Asthma - 6th October 2011

Three people a day die from asthma. 90% of asthma deaths are preventable. On tonight’s show we talk to Peter Curtis, whose son Alex died from an asthma attack whilst he was in his teens. Peter has set up the Alex Curtis Memorial Trust in his son’s name. The trust does amazing work within schools highlighting issues around the management of asthma and general awareness raising. Peter Curtis is joined by Dr Sharon Hall (Pediatric Consultant at the Lister hospital). Dr Hall responds to listener queries on the treatment of asthma. Following this interview, we talk to the Clinical Professor of Respiratory Medicine, Dr Kevin Elwood about asthma over the life course and what parents should really know. Finally, we are joined by a representative from Asthma UK who talks us though the help and resources out there for worried parents.

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Music and Children's Development- 29th September 2011

How important is music and the learning of an instrument to a child's development? Join Lydia and Kathy as they talk to Joan Wright, one of Hertfordshire's music consultants for the county and Dr Alex Lamont , a senior lecturer in Musical Psychology for Keele University, to discuss this subject. Also featuring Georgie Tovell who talks about her 'Green Parent' event at St Albans Abbey.

Secondary School Selection- 22nd September 2011

This show was a special on secondary school transfers presented by Lydia El-Khouri. It featured Terry Douris from Herts County Council for his wise words and guidance on the process - a mine of fascinating information; Martin Post, headmaster for Watford Grammar School for Boys, one of the country's top schools, for his take on the admissions process; and Clive Glover for telling us why he is campaigning to set up a new Free Secondary School.

Bed-Wetting- 15th September 2011

This show covers everything that any parent could possibly need on the subject of child bedwetting. The show featured Eileen Jakes from ERIC (Education and Resource for Improving Childhood Continence.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Eco-Parent- 8th September 2011

This week's show responded to issues regarding the environment for parents. Lydia El' Khouri and Georgie Tovell talk to Amanda Yowerth of 'Friends of the Earth' in St Albans, Jill Barker, the Author of 'Baby Green', and Merlin Matthews from 'Re-cycle' to learn about how best to become an Eco-friendly parent.

Back to School - 1st September 2011

Our Back to School show featured David Weston from Informed Education, Ian Randal from Garden Fields Primary School in St Albans, our child-friendly restaurant reviewer and local dad Toby Cross, Raring 2 Go's Claire Healey and last but not least, Stephensons in St Albans, THE uniform suppliers offering a £50 voucher to shop at their store. Presenters were Lydia El-Khouri and Trevor Merriden.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Vocational Education- 25th August 2011

In the aftermath of A-level results, this show focuses on the various vocational routes and options available to our young people. Great advice from specialists on the topic, listen to the views of representatives from Oaklands College and also Youth Connexions. We also hear a parent’s story of his child’s journey through vocational education.

Useful links: (the portal used by all young people in Herts)

A-Level Results- 18th August 2011

So the kids have got their A-levels results, what on earth happens next? Join us as we discuss options for our young people with Sally Wells from the organisation Kids2work. They help our young people make the right choices, whether they are still in school, in college, university or currently looking for work. We are also joined on the show by a parent who talks about options that her child faces and how she can best help them to choose the right path.

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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Family Finances - 11th August 2011

Stop worrying about money as we talk to independent financial advisor Sarah Belsom about all matters related to family finances. Truly unmissable advice.

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Monday, 5 September 2011

Annabel Karmel - 4th August 2011

For this show, Lydia and Kathy where joined by two local mums from St Albans, Helen Whittington and Jo Swindells to talk about their experience in weaning their babies. Later in the show, we talked to the top expert in the field, Annabel Karmel and put our listener questions to her. Annabel Karmel is the world’s leading expert and best-selling author on Baby and Children’s food and nutrition. Since 1991 she has written 24 books selling millions of copies worldwide.

Happy Family Life - 14th July 2011

On July 14th Kathy Weston and Lydia El-Khouri were talking about how to keep your family life as happy as possible. Were all busy, tired and stressed out keeping our families going and some times it takes a toll on our happiness. We spoke to some experts on how to limit the damage. Beth Parmar from Happy Family Life gave us some excellent tips of protecting your famliy from stress and tension. we also spoke to Cathy O Neill, a gregarious, smart and fun co-author of Baby Proofing your Marriage.

Child Friendly Holidays - 7th July 2011

Kathy Weston and Trevor Merriden talk about booking child friendly holidays. They speak to Sian from Baby Friendly Boltholes and Wendy Shand from Tots to Travel. Jo Stagg speaks from the Royal Society of the Prevention of Accidents. Toby Cross, restaurant reviewer, makes a trip to The Breakfast Club to assess its child friendliness. Alison Cowan, GP, talks about protecting your children from the sun. Claire Healey tells us about what’s going on locally that we can do with our children.

Nutrition - 30th June 2011

Kathy Weston and Trevor Merriden spoke to Michelle Lake from Mission Nutrition about nutrition for the family and the importance of good nutrition in the early years as well as tips for families. Also, we talked to Paula Werrett from The Nutrition Link, St Albans, about packing a healthy lunch. Finally we looked at some local what's on guide events with Claire Healy.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Young Carers - Thursday 23rd June 2011

Lydia El-Khouri & Kathy Weston were joined on the show by two wonderful young carers, Abi and Charlotte. They came on the show to talk about their experiences of caring for parents at home! Thanks also to Jo Maher for talking us through resources available to young carers in Hertfordshire through schools.

A local mum of three, Jessica Valentine also came on the show to talk about a women's football team she is starting in St Albans.

In the final part of the show Claire Healy from St Albans Raring2Go came into the studio to talk about local events.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Fathers' Day Special - 16th June 2011

This week's show was guest presented by two local dads; Trevor Merriden & Gary Buck.  They spoke to Scott Conference from, local Cub Scout Leader Christophe Montoya-Timpley who was explaining the need for parents to take an active role in their local Cub Scout group and the discussed classic car shows with the organiser of the Knebworth event Andrew Greenwood.

Claire Healy from Raring2Go joined the lads to talk about local events in the area, particularly looking at ideas for Fathers' Day.

Lydia El-Khouri & Kathy Weston will be back next week!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Autism - 9th June 2011

On tonight's show Lydia El-Khouri & Kathy Weston were joined by local mums Rachel Andrews & Anne Griffin.  Anne is also a representative of the Hertfordshire branch of the National Autistic Society.

Also on the show was Educational Psychologist Gaye Gunton to look at provisions for autism in secondary schools and Claire Healy from Raring2Go gave us some interesting ideas for things to do in the local area.

Children's Imaginations - 2nd June 2011

Kathy Weston was joined in the studio by Sally Graham & Shirley Hayman, local early years experts.  They were discussing the topic of children's imaginations.

Also on the show was Toby Cross with his monthly review of local family-friendly restaurants.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Adoption - 26th May 2011

Joining Lydia El-Khouri & Kathy Weston on the show this week were local parents Nicola and her husband who were talking about their adopted teenager.  Sue Dromie from the Post Adoption Centre was also on hand to share some advice on adoption.  A local teenager called Nathan was also on the show talking about some of the issues facing him as a young person who has been adopted.

Jane Fearney, a child & adolescent psychotherapist also provided valuable contributions to the show as did Claire Healy from Raring2Go.

Children's Food Allergies - 19th May 2011

Lydia El-Khouri & Kathy Weston explore the topic of children's food allergies in this week's show.

Joining them are local parent Aga Stewart, national expert consultant pediatric allergist Dr Adam Fox and local GP & mum Dr Alison Cowan.

Also on this week's show was a real nappy guru and Claire Healy from Raring2Go.

Bullying - 12th May 2011

This week, Lydia El-Khouri & Kathy Weston look at bullying.  They are joined by Fiona Hains, Links Outreach Worker, to talk about internet safety & bullying.  Local mum of four Amy Turner shares her experience of having a child who has been a victim of bullying and there is advice from Willie Harrison from Childline.

Jo Maher, Ext Schools Co-ordinator discusses exam stress and Claire Healy from Raring2Go looks at some places to go with the children.

Gifted & Talented Young People - 5th May 2011

This week's show featured Felicity Evans from Nature Kids, along with contributions from two local parents Laura Gasner & Melanie Peake.  For more information about Nature Kids, check out their website

Toby Cross also joined us for his regular monthly family-friendly restaurant reviews.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Tonight's show

Dear listeners, thank for you tuning in this evening! Thank you to our contributors, Wendy Shend from who gave us a great introduction to her website and business. If you do have young children and are planning a holiday with them, Tots to travel can help you organise the whole trip. Check out some of the gorgeous properties, all child friendly! that you can take the family to. Remember, as Wendy pointed out, Tots to Travel cater for families on all budgets.

We know that many local parents have queries and concerns about SWINE FLU - we finally got some answers tonight from Hertfordshire NHS Primary Trust. The big message is 'try not to worry'! If you have missed any of the points that were given out on the show tonight from Herts PCT, do not hesitate to get in touch on

Thanks to Jo Maher, from Extended Schools, for coming on the show and explaining the fantastic work that Extended Schools provide to parents and families locally. We shall be having Jo contributing to the show regularly from now on. Check out the important website with all the information on:

Thanks to the lovely Claire Healey who joined us tonight as well - letting us know about the fantastically cheap, affordable cinema opportunities that are out there for kids at the weekend and during the week. Claire, will be back next week of course with more suggestions of how to keep the kids busy. You can always check out the Raring2Go website on

Next week, we will be examining the area of separation and divorce. It can be a difficult topic for families to deal with but we will be talking to experts in the field on the legal issues that faces parents when in the throes of splitting up, so please email us any questions that you have and we will get the answers you need for you. Contact us on

To cheer us all up, we will also be talking about children's parties! so tune in, there is something for everyone!!

Take care, and have a great week!

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