Monday, 13 December 2010

More piccies...

Our Fabulous launch party!

Hello listeners! This is a picture of the Parents' Show team at our launch party on Dec 7th. Claire Healey from Raring2Go, the what's on guide for families in Herts, Kathy Weston (presenter), Lydia El Khouri (presenter) and Jackie Johnson (production and studio assistant). Watch out for more piccies to come!
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Thursday, 9 December 2010

WOW! what a night! ..

On the evening of Dec 7th, The Parent's Show had a launch party to celebrate all that we have achieved in the short few months since the show has been running, and, importantly, to talk about the future of the show. We were thrilled with the turnout. Thank you to all those agencies and individuals who came to support us! The pictures have already been posted to Facebook, check them out!

Don't forget to tune in tonight to the show at 8pm, we will be talking about which toys really promote learning for children, our expert this evening will be Sally Graham, an early years expert from the University of Herts. If you have any questions for Sally, do get in touch with the show on or call us on 01727 839926 during the show. Don't forget you always email us during the show and we will be sure to mention a request for you. Little Wonders Toy shop in St Albans will also be joining us tonight and we shall be hearing all about the special pressies that they have in stock at the moment - it will give us all some ideas for presents for kids!

Also, on the show tonight, a great competition, as usual, prizes donated by a local business, this time The Breakfast Club in St Albans! So tune in for a chance to win a yummy prize from them.
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all the best,

The team at The Parent's Show

Monday, 6 December 2010

At last! more updates from the Parents Show!

Thanks for everyone who tuned in last week when we were discussing the issue of eating problems in children. We had Dr Gillian Harris from Birmingham Children's Hospital contributing to the show and a local parent, Sharron who was sharing her story about her young son who will not eat anything other than chips and crisps. Sharron felt that she had got lots of answers after listening to Dr Harris and we are really pleased about that. Dr Harris suggested that we tell listeners about the infant and toddler eating forum which she has established, full of advice for parents re their children's eating.
Also, on last week's show, we had a chat with local parents, Aline and Will on the subject of Santa. We covered all sorts of topics such as what food to leave out for the reindeer and different rituals for Santa in different homes. It was very interesting and thanks to those local parents for their input. Remember if you want to participate on our show, you can always contact us on
This coming week..don't miss Sally Graham, an expert in early years education, talking about which toys promote learning and local toy shop owner of Little Wonders in St Albans.
As always, we will have Claire Healey from Raring2Go, sharing her what's on guide with listeners, join us EVERY THURSDAY from 8-9pm on Radio Verulam 92.6FM

Take care!

Kathy & Lydia

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Coming up on Thursday evening's show - 4 Nov!

Hello listeners! the team at The Parents' Show have been extremely busy this week compiling scripts, organising events and getting ready for this week's show. We are thrilled to have the editor of coming on the show tomorrow evening to talk about the concept of the 'yummy mummy' versus 'slummy mummy', these are terms which have been used by the media to denote certain types of mums. Are these terms helpful? Recently the press have highlighted the anxieties that new mums have when comparing themselves with seemingly perfect celeb mums....but are those celebs really that perfect? Why do we hold them in such high regard anyway? Do mums compare themselves with other mums on a regular basis? Is this healthy? These are some of the questions that we will be looking at. Please email us on if you are interested in taking part in the discussion or just send us your views!! We want to hear from you! We will also be chatting about the benefits of yoga tomorrow night, keen to hear when my children can start practising it as apparently it 'relaxes and opens the mind'..hmm. Claire Healy from Raring2Go will provide a What's On finale for families in Herts tomorrow night and last but not least, we shall be announcing the lucky recipient of a consultation with fabulous image consultant, Kevin Muscat...until tomorrow night....take care! Kathy W.

Friday, 15 October 2010

And we are off!

Dear listeners, thank you so much for tuning in last night, for the very first edition of The Parents' Show! We really enjoyed ourselves and feel like it went well. Our guests, Dorothy Boswell and Jessica Valentine from the local NCT branch offered lots of advice and information and we welcomed their contribution. It was also great to hear all the different things that are going on for kids and young people in St Albans - Claire Healey from Raring 2 Go, will be a regular contributor to the show. Don't forget you have until Monday 4pm to enter our competition. The prize is £50 worth of Jojo Maman Bebe vouchers. The question is: What is the name of the Prime Minister's new baby? Just email the show if you know the answer and we can place your name in the draw. Winners to be announced next week. Our email address is:
Take care, and have a good week! Kathy

Saturday, 9 October 2010